The Spine

2 Day Practical Workshop (14 credits)
Includes online lecture preparation.

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In this two day class you’ll learn principles and skills taught in my Integrative Myofascial Series. Assessment and clinical reasoning skills help you determine where to treat, a skill that is vital to clinical efficiency and effectiveness. The treatment techniques I teach on this course and the Series are derived from my background in Structural Integration, Massage Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. You’ll leave with new techniques that you can apply immediately and a sample of a framework that will help you grow as a clinician.

“Coming out of the course I feel that I can apply my knowledge right away into my practice.”

– Steph H RMT

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Course Description

Pain and dysfunction in the spinal column are the most common reasons clients seek treatment. A healthy spine allows fluid and easy movement in all planes; however spinal dysfunction is an all too common clinical finding. Imbalances, injury or poor movement patterns can create restrictions and fibrosis that compromise freedom and function in the spine.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current state of connective tissue research, this is a missing piece for many clinician’s understanding of soft tissue.
  • Explore the architecture of the spine and the implications this has for function.
  • Learn simple tests to quickly narrow down the best treatment approach.
  • Learn effective techniques to restore tissue mechanics and free the spine.
  • Understand how treatment of the spine fits into an integrative approach to treatment of the whole person.

Course Reviews

  1. Life's about fascia!


    It was a great experience to be able to work with Mark Finch and learn about fascia in a new light! I learned a bit about fascia in school, and had a class dedicated to the treatment of fascia. In school I wasn’t too sure how to actually treat fascia and I wasn’t very confident in my efforts, though listening to Mark Finch and his explanations, I definitely feel more confident in my fascia skills! Thanks Mark!

  2. 5

    Excellent course! I immediately utilized some techniques I learned from this course in my practice. Mark is very passionate about what he does and is an excellent teacher!

  3. Great Class


    Mark is a great teacher that takes a lot of information and puts it together in a way that is easy to understand. I came out of the spine course with a new way of looking at the body and some really great assessment tools that are very easy to incorporate into your practice right away. Thanks so much Mark. I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future.

    Bridget G

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