Pain mechanism classification for Massage Therapists (Pre-recorded Webinar)

Do you find yourself confused over conflicting advice about how to treat pain?
Not all pain treatment is the same and ‘one size fits all’ is definitely not the best clinical strategy.

Pain mechanism classification is a simple tool that helps you to be more effective and efficient in the clinic. Classifying the dominant pain mechanism helps clinicians to focus on a treatment approach that is most likely to help the patient. Targeted treatments just make more sense.


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Gain an understanding of pain mechanism classification, what the current evidence is and where this fits in Evidence Based Practice.

Practical tools

Learn simple tools to phenotype or classify the dominant pain mechanism. These tools are easy to integrate into your existing practice.

Treatment strategies

Learn treatment strategies most likely to help patients with nociceptive, nociplastic and neuropathic pain.

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“A big thank you. I’m inspired and a better therapist than I was on Friday.”

Vancouver BC

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“I loved Mark’s ability to encourage us to think and explore while still directing our attention to the right answers!”

Vancouver BC

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“I love that everything we learn is immediately applicable to clinical practice.”

– Mathew B, RMT
Auckland New Zealand


Answers to your questions

When was the webinar?

This webinar took place over Zoom on May 15th 2024.

How long is it?

90 minutes.

Is this eligible for continuing education credits?

Yes, this webinar meets the requirements for CMTBC and RMTAO practice development.



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