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The function of the tissues and bones in the lower leg can have a dramatic impact on knee, hip and pelvis dysfunction.

Assessment of any dysfunction in the lower limb needs to include screening from the pelvis all the way down to the foot.

The structure and function of fascial tissue is becoming more precisely understood as the science in this field progresses.

New information about muscular connective tissue helps inform all aspects of manual treatment. Understanding of this tissue is important to have a well rounded myofascial approach.

Course Description

This workshop will give the clinician a more potent set of tools to approach the whole lower limb, Pelvis to Foot.

Over four days you’ll learn screening tests for the Pelvis, Hip, and Lower leg, reasoning skills to determine where the best place to start treatment is and techniques to treat the involved myofascial structures.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn recent and significant scientific findings in the world of fascia that inform your treatment approach.
  • Learn clinical reasoning skills to determine the best place to start, Pelvis, Hip, Knee or Foot.
  • Learn effective treatment techniques to treat the lower quadrant.

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