Integrative Assessment Framework

4 Day Practical Workshop (14 credits)
Includes online lecture preparation.

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Understanding the Patient

An effective assessment process gives you an understanding of the whole patient. Which tasks are meaningful to them, where should you apply treatment, what advice should you give them and how will you know they are progressing?

A Clear Assessment Framework

Assessment can be confusing, sometimes education is the most important aspect of treatment, sometimes biomechanics are the most important piece, sometimes its load management and sometimes posture or position are the most important. The one thing that is always important is helping the patient to change their experience, a clear assessment framework will help you achieve that.

About This Course

This course will help you become more clear about when to use the various skills you have. This course is not about learning new techniques its about understanding the patient and knowing where and when to apply the techniques you already have.

Assessment & Screening

Assessment and screening skills are essential for clinicians to ensure their practice remains patient centred, efficient and effective. Clinical reasoning and hypothesis building are key skills that prevent clinicians from falling into the trap of applying techniques in response to symptoms.

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