Evidence Informed Practice (EIP)

Self-paced online course

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    This self-paced online course provides learning of 6 components of the clinical reasoning process:

    1. Evidence based practice
    2. The Biopsychosocial model
    3. Pain Science
    4. Mechanisms of manual therapy
    5. Pain mechanism classification
    6. The patient’s story

    Instructor: Mark Finch, RMT

    What to expect

    The content is delivered via video lectures. All slides used in the videos are collated as a pdf and attached to each section. All references are shown on the relevant slides. A list of quoted research articles is attached to each section. There are 5 research articles that are recommended reading these are attached. These articles are available for students to download for free via links provided.

    Click here for course references.


    Assessment is determined via a quiz at the completion of each section.

    Students are required to undertake a reflective process at the completion of each section in order to consolidate their knowledge into take home messages and homework. Students can do this digitally on their own device or via a printed for which is provided. Students are required to confirm they have completed this process before moving on to the next section.

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