A Weekend with Diane Lee and Mark Finch

2 Day Lecture / Practical

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Do you know how to determine if the upper thorax, neck or cranium is playing the key role in a clinical presentation?

Would you like to learn more about WHERE to treat, and WHAT to treat?

Sound clinical reasoning makes treatment more effective, helps illuminate a treatment plan and allows for easy integration with other professionals.

Diane Lee and Mark Finch

Course Description

This weekend course is a collaboration between renowned Physiotherapist Diane Lee and RMT Mark Finch. It’s for RMTs and designed to build clinical reasoning skills and make your release techniques more effective.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of The Integrated Systems Model (ISM)(Lee & Lee), (Lee D The Pelvic Girdle – Elsevier 2011) and the role of release techniques.
  • Learn clinical reasoning skills to find the primary driver of pain or dysfunction, specifically in the relationships of the head, neck, upper thorax and shoulder girdle.
  • Learn techniques to treat the primary driver to improve function and reduce pain.

Course Timeline

Day 1 – Assessment: Determine WHERE and WHAT to treat


Lecture: Introduction to The Integrated Systems Model (ISM)(Lee & Lee). The principles of assessment & treatment according to the ISM and the role of release techniques.

Practical: Finding the driver Pelvis to Foot – WHERE to treat.


Lecture: Tension mechanics.

A review of anatomy to inform understanding of tissue mechanics. Using

tensegrity as a theoretical framework to determine WHAT to treat.

Practical: Determine what to treat in order to restore optimal tissue mechanics.

Day 2 – Treatment: Determining HOW to treat


Lecture: Theoretical considerations for releasing neuromuscular tone.

Practical: Which techniques decrease tone and how to apply them for the pelvis, hip and foot.


Lecture: Theoretical considerations for releasing fascia. A review of current fascial research to understand behaviour of fascia.

Practical: Techniques for the pelvis, hip and foot.

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