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Presents a post graduate course for manual therapy professionals

The Fascia, its Structure and Function

Resolving Fascial Dysfunction in the Spine

Do you want to be updated into the key current findings of fascial research & how this knowledge can be integrated into your clinical practice?

Do you want to develop your assessment, clinical reasoning & treatment skills to achieve lasting measurable results?

When: Saturday & Sunday
December 3rd to 4th 2016

Where: Kelowna, BC

Workshop Description

Pain & dysfunction in the spinal column are the most common reasons clients seek treatment. A healthy spine allows fluid & easy movement in all planes; however spinal dysfunction is an all too common clinical finding. Imbalances, injury or poor movement patterns can create restrictions & fibrosity that compromise freedom & function in the spine. Understanding the role of fascia in spine dysfunction can be crucial to restoring its function.

In this workshop you can expect to;

  • Learn clinical reasoning skills that will show you where to start & how to be more effective.
  • Understand outcomes of current fascial research & integrate this knowledge into developing a sound clinical method for treatment of myofascial dysfunction.
  • Explore the architecture of the spine especially the transition zones and support systems.
  • Understand the fascial layers & their implications in dysfunction.
  • Learn screening tests to identify areas of dysfunction & determine the best treatment approach.
  • Learn effective techniques to optimize your patients spinal function.

Educational pre-requisites

 Minimum educational pre-requisites are Diploma of Remedial Massage or equivalent.

Course Description

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