Integrative Myofascial Treatment Series: Parts 1,2 and 3

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Part one: Integrative assessment framework

Jan 27th-31st 2017 (Part one maybe taken separately)

Co-taught by Mark Finch and Diane Lee

The goal of part one is to provide an assessment framework that allows the clinician to clinically reason where to treat and how they will determine the efficacy of their intervention.  Assessment and screening skills are essential for clinicians to ensure their practice remains patient centred, efficient and effective. Clinical reasoning and hypothesis building are key skills that prevent clinicians from falling into the trap of applying techniques in response to symptoms.

Clinicians will learn foundational skills from Structural Integration, the Integrated Systems Model and the Biopsychosocial model. Together these provide a framework from which to use existing assessment techniques and to add new skills. This approach is process focused and doesn’t rely on one specific technique. Instead it teaches clinicians to integrate many techniques into one coherent hypothesis.


Day 1 Mark Finch Forming a story and getting to a meaningful task.

Day 2 Mark Finch Global postural assessment.

Day 3 Diane Lee Finding the driver.

Day 4 Diane Lee Feeling joints, vector analysis.

Day 5 Mark Finch Integration, building a coherent hypothesis and treatment plan.

Prerequisite: Minimum 3 years clinical practice.

Parts two and three: Treatment principles and global techniques

May 5th -9th 2017 (both parts 2 and 3 must be taken together)

Taught by Mark Finch

The goal of part two is both to provide a framework for applying techniques and to learn techniques that form a global approach. Clinicians will learn to use the concepts of connected anatomy and tensegrity to inform treatment strategy and planning. Techniques will focus on treatment of global postural compensations and compression.


Day 1 Treatment principles and theory of release techniques. Global technique intro.

Day 2 Thorax and spine.

Day 3 Head, neck and Shoulder Girdle.

Day 4 Pelvis and legs.

Day 5 Integration


Specific Techniques, Movement, Integration and planning. September 15th – 19th 2017

Taught by Mark Finch

The goal of part three is to integrate the assessment and treatment techniques learned in parts 1 and 2. To learn more specific and precise treatment techniques for hard to reach structures and integrate all theses skills into coherent session and treatment planning.


Day 1 Cranium, Neck and Brachial plexus.

Day 2 Thorax and Abdominal visceral structures.

Day 3  Pelvis and Lumbar plexus.

Day 4  Arms and Legs.

Day 5  Integration.


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Part 1

Integrative assessment framework

Jan 27th-31st 2017

Co-taught by Mark Finch and Diane Lee

Entire Series

Parts 1, 2 and 3

Jan 27th-31st 2017

Co-taught by Mark Finch and Diane Lee

May 5th -9th 2017

Taught by Mark Finch

September 15th – 19th 2017

Taught by Mark Finch

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